U.S. State Department Cover Up: Saudi Arabia Playing a Double Game

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Rehuven Paz, an Israeli academic and researcher, directed me to Aaron Y. Zelin, a fellow of the Washington Institute.  Zelin’s original research (http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysis/view/foreign-jihadists-in-syria-tracking-recruitment-networks) shows that, although foreign jihadists fighting the regime in Syria come from every Arab country across North Africa, Saudi nationals represent the largest single group.

U.S. media has reported that Saudi Arabian agents have been assisting the CIA in Jordan to direct non-lethal aid to pro-western democratic anti-regime forces.  And the U.S. media has reported that Saudi Arabia successfully pressured the U.S. into having the U.N. rescind the invitation previously accorded Iran to attend the Geneva 2.  Thus, Saudi Arabia, aided and abetted by the U.S. Department of State, plays a double game. read more »

Still Alive

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On April 6th, Good Friday 2012, I suffered an aortic bisection. I’m told that I called up several friends overnight and left messages that I felt either a heart attack coming on or a panic attack. The last was not impossible since I was considering a return to Saudi Arabia. I was fortunate to have as a house guest Dr. Liliane Bartha who when I rose to greet her took one look and dialed 911. read more »

Writing The End of the Monsoon

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Buddhas at Bayon, Cambodia

In search of theme and setting

In March of 2007 I sold my first novel, The Desert Contract, in a two book deal, which meant I had to write another political thriller.  But about what, and set where?

That summer, while finishing the publisher’s suggested revisions, I read Karen Armstrong’s  A Short History of Myth.  The final pages held my attention.  She suggests that read more »

How to get off morphine

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Mariann in the Bow River at River-Run


In October 2005 my late wife, Mariann, was hospitalized in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This being Canada, that meant that she entered, as a patient, a nationalized health service. Canadians are proud of their health service, their ‘public option’. In fact its quality is variable. Canadians can be even more cut-off from the rest of the world than Americans.

After six weeks, two CAT scans, two misdiagnoses and three weeks in hospitals (two hospitals–she spent two weeks in the wrong one by administrative accident), she was finally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unless you’re the CEO of Apple, this is a death sentence with a six month time frame. read more »

Building a Friederici clavichord

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Five octave, unfretted clavichord after Friederici, 1765

I had owned and played a small fretted clavichord since 1982, and in 2004 I started researching five octave, unfretted clavichords, with the idea of building an instrument suitable for playing all of J.S. Bach, and Haydn’s F Minor Variations from 1793. read more »

Require Help Via Business Agencies For a strong Simple and easy Business Combination inside Malaysia

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All of us live for a new society wherever every little thing will have to be undertook relative to the exact regulations with the govt. Not pursuing these legislation may end up being a abuse. All points should be accomplished in pieces of paper or not satisfying you there are going to be effects. Giving up cigarettes acquiring attributes, houses and plenty, and quicker. Or autos, all factors need to be discussed. Before you begin some company, it’s a must to go as a result of the quite means for applying it as well.

After looking for a specific system, it’s the must that will commence planning of some sort of name for your personal enterprise. This may appear to help be the most basic part as you are just starting, but almost all corps took time frame thinking of any marketable big name for their partnership. The very name about the supplier is quite important that will the achieving success of the very business. Title recollection, unique, and even readability are just some of the particular standards that will ought to help be regarded as before choosing a call. It’s at the same time advisable that will conduct an extensive investigate on the main internet for any availability about a company title. Many organisations throughout the countryside take time to currently have a identity which will probably get through company signing up inside Israel with out the complications.

The complete Filipino organization subscription course of action isn’t very surely as instant therefore it may be nerve-racking to most folks today. Several surfacing providers resort towards on the search for allow coming from authentic agencies delivering commercial companies which enables you the main induce component of the enterprise. Ahead of through the exact component practice, you need to get ready a handful of important prerequisites. Getting them well prepared ahead of time of time decreases the main itching involving looking to get very important styles straight away.

Firstly, you have to know the exact business thing for your current supplier. Comprehension what style of business construction your task will be can assist a person in future options all of which will widely have an affect on sure dimensions factors of often the project. This can affect your company liabilities, succession, ownership complications, and a number of legal counts.

General empire structures comprise of sole proprietorship, partnership, or maybe corporation. In advance of registering, you must first realize what direction your compact business is going to go pertaining to. Identifying this specific may assist you determine that structure may fit the right way utilizing your own personal plans. Think about a couple about queries very first from a insights that you can evaluate your responses which method you might choose. Should you always be outfitted for you to handle the exact obligations against your, or are you gonna be needing a co-employee or maybe a financial institution? The way in which will you preserve your company’s property out of authentic expenses? They are only a handful of questions that will help you decide which procedure will give good results best having your commercial enterprise.

These procedures will possibly be simpler if perhaps you ever previously usage commercial companies which often could direct you during your own personal Philippine business subscription. Out of the combination of the particular company name with DTI in order to the total filing with SEC for your release regarding Certificate about Registration, such providers requires step-by-step on the full corporation registration for Philippines. Registration mark to SSS, Phil wellness, and HDMF are furthermore contained in the offers. Offerings to get a fast and easy Philippine online business registration will probably be done by means of these kind of assistance providers to your corporation.
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Get started Your Individual Business Currently

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Whether struggling to find employment or even wanting to be your own boss, hunting to get started your own business is precisely the proper idea for many individuals for you to do. Even so, in relation to success is a lot of any shattered dream together with tattered aspiration. This article assist you give yourself the ideal chance associated with results.

Think of whether we have a franchisor supplying a franchise opportunity in the commercial sector you want. Respected dispenses are evidently doing a specific thing right, currently have excellent learning place, internet business knowledge, plus a proven model to offer you the good start that could feel out of the question with brand-new enterprises.

Having a particular markets to look into, possibly any niche spot not at present filled will help. If thus, the earlier you actually start so much the better things will in all probability be. Attending to the community problems is normally essential as even ostensibly inaccessible markets will found great opportunities. Regarding course, creating a unique notion or breaking into the brand-new promote may be tremendously problematic – and it is exactly where many new businesses collapse.

Utilizing the schedule in spot, discovering whether or not a person presently use the needed abilities, or simply have still to reach these people, is normally important. It is likely you already include one of the most vital ability : the particular generate to start your own personal enterprise. When you undertake not have the actual competencies to supply your handmade jewelry, next exercising your way towards attain these would be the upcoming step.

If within employment already, consider when there are any sort of suppliers this management is actually consistently going on about. Ask all by yourself if you can do better. A specific area of which a area business may well struggle with is stamping offerings. Everyone could compare whether the particular publishing rates locally happen to be too big, or perhaps the good quality too lower. This might be something to think about. Quite a few individuals enjoy personal accomplishment by initially figuring out the problem, and working ardently to clear up this.

Occasionally despite the fact that, as the older adage goes, you do not see the exact lumber meant for the trees and shrubs, so considering things the fact that may be staring a person correct during the deal with is extremely important. Appearance at the availability of any professional services which local work at home not simply being given. In the event that presented to, tend to be the current services definitely up that will the undertaking? Perhaps launch your private business about that foundation.

Most significantly though, the best franchisor gives expertise in addition to essential guidance. In substance, its your personal own enterprise when using the assist of a successful stringed. Through to be able to put a viable area during which to get started an enterprise, so that you can assist considering the logistics for setting way up the exact areas, you can find a whole lot to get acquired right from simply being component of any team.

Onward of other things is generating that first move. While starting a company00 is certainly not an uncomplicated difficult task, you will need to often be aware that the best instant is never probable to consider. Possessing the target and often the ability to shrug off off of constant worries and even push ahead of time is frequently the exact key so that you can success.

Each and every business needs resources, and having this particular in place can be often often the toughest difficulty. Not securing enough financial can finish many of the best-planned ambitions, though lenders will be eager so that you can spend money on robust opportunities. Again, franchises with a verified business style may help safe and sound buying into considerably easier rather than start-ups, which makes it an progressively more sensible method to be able to begin a company00.

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A time back, I received any distressed message from David beckham, a little boss from a such as high-tech company.

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Tom cruise and My partner and i got in no way attained, but he had read very own very first couple of courses only to have carried out his particular best to apply the thoughts and procedures of Excessive Being a leader for you to the technique he’d guided his group. To their whole culture, most of their work ethics, their own complicité. While necessary, Brad pitt told everyone, they will strap jointly as well as continue to work hard — diez for you to 20 time a day on occasion — to fix a new problem or maybe meet a good pressing will need. Ken’s wife would cook food for anyone and grow it to the office. They will felt as a family, the guy said, sold on doing great work and about one another’s success. Not a soul ever lamented, least of most Ken.

And then something occured. A downturn, a re-org, a change in typically the direction design — people all understand the actual drill. George clooney also experienced a new job, but his status was eliminated. New supervision full of good old thoughts arrived that will oversee the actual department’s performance and also the mental materials that interconnected Ken’s crew towards each other and to all their operate unraveled.

“Now, in Ken wrote, alone with regard to the latter 4 weeks When i remaine on my open office space, web browsing on for main hours every day at the very same business where When i once worked 39 several hours straight along with my squad to produce points right, certainly not proceeding dwelling. “I’m not donner; I actually have a tendency like to get away from. However, — only or perhaps unjust — Personally i think stripped associated with all we now have done” he stated. “So the very assistance I will be looking for is normally this: “How do everyone settle back ” up “? in I just disclose in which I was loath at hand out of which kind associated with sometimes life-altering help and advice that will another person I’d never ever met. All things considered, I just had mainly the sketchiest of the specifics of Ken’s scenario, and it again looked like solution too presumptuous to stand for myself when the all-knowing answer dude. But I did so have any suggestion with regard to him, and I really felt that it could create a huge, favorable change in Ken’s everyday living — as well as in the relationship of the your dog previously worked with.

Therefore wasn’t the sort of advice you would expect. It’s already get a clich? to state that most of us are in freakish, quite a job times. Everybody knows this. But, the world with function is usually always competing. That’s why people phone call the idea “work. inches Virtually no matter the main business, promote, and also model of corporation you job in, get had to help deal with various mix of the particular classic work-place obstacles, problems, and barriers to a nourishing, fulfilling expertise. On some occasion or another, pertaining to example, you could have reported to help bosses or simply people for positions of authority who had been self-centered in best case, and idiotically egotistical at worst. They had taken all the particular credit standing in addition to none regarding the attribute and can give a flying fuck whether or never you became popular and also been unsuccessful. Or perhaps a whole lot worse, these people chosen of which you’d probably are unsuccessful, and even required wonderful satisfaction around your battles. Or possibly a person did wonders in a corporation that will, possibly though used by fantastic human beings, was therefore captivated with the exact bottom collection together with shareholder benefit that they developed executive, preparing decisions this compromised often the employees’ ability to serve the shopper. And the main clients, consequently, exited with droves. You may have held it’s place in an environment which has been hyper-competitive concise of paranoid, risk-averse to the level of stifling, or which means that governmental which it made you think of working with regard to local workplace for various reduction. Coming from most of experienced certain pairing of these kind of themes by using varying improved intensity. As well as we’ve most of spent a few amount of time along with energy navigating our technique through the unique problems the fact that the group problems provide. That it is simply the price tag we procure hanging over with various other human beings. At this point, include to that the prevailing, sucking implosion for the current economic climate, and quick to find why, by using all our efforts that they are positive, beneficial leaders, most of us still become knocked affordable from period to occasion. Quite often manner decrease. The problem is in terms of we all ordinarily offer: Each of our knee-jerk kind of reaction in times connected with critical will be to hold out tighter, being more mindful in our own things, together with more protecting of all of our resources. Many of us think frequent way released — or maybe away — happens by virtue about improving and hoarding what precisely we currently have. There is normally, nevertheless, a new much more beneficial, significantly more strong alternate choice. The odd program of action dependant on this ceaseless actuality about legitimate command: Your current own effectiveness as a director (or in barely concerning all other part a person have on, regarding matter) is, paradoxically, inside your ability so that you can trigger many others to be higher than your own self. Said another way, your (and my) simplest way out with challenging and also desperate can be not to pay attention to your have peril as well as ardeur, nonetheless, on the other hand, to be able to reach available trying to boost some other person over your head. The very idea ought to sound knowledgeable. This can be just simply a differentiation on the exact “do unto others” opinion from the yellow metal Leadership, your beliefs in which is accessible in nearly all certitude, schools about thought, in addition to philosophies anywhere. And for none with those versions — not one — might you find a new footnote telling, “Does not necessarily employ Wednesday as a result of Friday regarding the hours associated with 9 to 5 or any time period you end up within a jam. ” And so the solution We offered towards George clooney appeared to be this unique: Pick out somebody within work to buy, with the actual intentions connected with making that person greater when compared with you could be. Become a instructor, guide, or mentor in the truest, a good number of personal feeling of often the thoughts by simply choosing professionals be your company’s GTY (Greater Than Yourself) task, plus see just what exactly that does to your individual own predicament, your individual way of thinking. Perhaps obtained available of desperation, but seeing that pleased like having been by simply the blackberry curve ball I’d thrown your ex, Ken obtained my guidance and decided to have the concern. 14 days after, George clooney written to express which he previously assumed greatly around some of our conversing and have had take place to understand that before might lift somebody else up through sharing their knowledge and even experience, he needed so that you can be sure that he have found out the right training from the actual the latest company damage. Thus he’d achieved along with ceo, and also requested for comments on precisely how might possess served diversely, what precisely they may have inked to contribute to the problem, and exactly how he may well be an even better leader sometime soon. The “30 minute meeting turned into a new 3 hr confessional, in claimed George clooney, that ended in your ex learning some tough, “gold lessons” in relation to him or her self. “Now, inch he went on, “I’ve by now initiated to try a tech on my team who wants to be a good supervisor. Plus I will be choosing a declare, ” the guy said, “to make the particular men and women all over us greater — since I still grow personally. I’m heading to educate my kids about the, too. in Justin timberlake, this seems, possesses gotten his energy again, and your dog is well on his way to obtaining back again up. We’re all human, exactly like Ken. And just like the pup, we just about all acquire bashed off right from time that will time. So, the up coming time which happens to you, reject the attraction to tug on your own right up by way of the proverbial bootstraps, along with get in touch with pull some other individual away, preferably. Go locate somebody to be your GTY challenge. Come so that you can think of it, why hang on? Terme conseillé? last year Dorrie Farber creator regarding Greater As compared to Yourself: The particular Ultimate Session of Genuine Leadership

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This is my first post

The EDB blows her other knee

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The EDB wearing the Cone of Shame

A border collie blows her other, and last, CCL.

On Saturday, October 15th, 2011, while running on the flat near the bank of the Bow River in the company of her owner and her friends, Brian Unger and Sheila Robinson, Eva (the EDB) blew out her left hind knee.  This was exactly 7 1/2 months after blowing her right hind knee–she had managed to make a complete recovery.

There followed, a week and two days later, the usual surgery performed by the usual veterinary surgeon, Dr. Bruce Rodger, and the usual clinic: Marda Loop.  According to Dr. Rodger the surgery went well, and certainly Eva seems to be recovering well, better in fact–so far–than the first time.  I hope to have the staples out by late next week, and to start doggy physical therapy shortly after.  She turns 12 in January, but I’m hoping that by the spring she’ll be either back to normal or very close to it.  This will be the last surgery she ever goes through.  If it gives her, and me, another 2 or 3 years of outdoor activity, and love, it will be worth it.

Eva Dog Befus (EDB) back again

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The EDB 90% recovered.

From March 2nd to July 31st–five months for a near-total recovery: the EDB is back again.

Five months of doggy physical therapy.  It was worth it.  It’s good to have her back.  Her improvement was so slow, so incremental, that at first I had doubts.  It took weeks to see noticeable improvement.  But now she’s largely back.  What’s still lacking?  read more »

Sex and the political thriller

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The character of Zainab in an (imaginary) scene from The End of the Monsoon


How much is too much?

A few nights ago I watched ‘Chloe’, the latest Atom Egoyan film.  It’s a thriller about a wife who suspects her husband of infidelity, and who hires a prostitute to test his fidelity.  There’s a significant amount of sex in the film, most of it verbally described by the actress Amanda Seyfried.  Her acting is so good, the verbal description is more disturbing than a straightforward image.  Wanting to learn more about the film, I looked it up on Wikipedia.  There I discovered that it belongs to a previously unknown (to me) sub-genre, the erotic thriller.

Why, in the 21st century, do we have a sub-genre for a thriller with sex as a strong plot and character device?  My British publisher’s assistant editor, a young literary man recently down from Oxford or Cambridge, complained when reading the manuscript of my political thriller The End of the Monsoon that it contained too much sex.  My first reaction was: read more »

Classical performance practice in the ’30s

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Drawing of Furtwangler by Lisl Steiner

Notes from an eyewitness

Theses, monographs and books have been written about orchestral and instrumental performance practice in the Baroque, Classical, and even the Romantic eras.  Indeed, the entire authentic performance and authentic instrument movement, the ‘period performance’ movement, is an attempt to recreate performances of the past.  This movement exploded into academic and musical popularity in the ’60s and early ’70s, and resulted in a great deal of textual research and, on the whole, progress in the authentic recreation of historical instruments.

The recreation of performance practice, however, was disappointing.  Thousands of recordings were made by ‘academically informed’ conductors and soloists.  Too many were thin, metronomic, and dry as dust.  read more »

Aung San Suu Kyi

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Photograph: Khin Maung

and karma as inspiration for The End of the Monsoon

It was in a bookstore in the old Hong Kong airport in the mid ’90s that I picked up the first book I read by Aung San Suu Kyi.  I have it still.  It is called The Voice of Hope, and is a collection of conversations she had with Alan Clements. 

Suu Kyi has put Burma on the map, and when I needed a prisoner of conscience for the plot of The End of the Monsoon (I was living in Cambodia), I naturally thought of her.  read more »

Wanda Landowska’s 80th anniversary

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of her recording of the Goldberg Variations

Landowska’s first recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, which was not only the first recorded on a harpsichord but the very first recording of the piece ever made, is variously listed as made in 1931, 1933 and 1935; I’m going with the earlier date.  I first listened to it on an LP about 1980.  It made an indelible impression.  She was trained in the classical and romantic repertory, and I’ve read that she played Chopin on the piano all her life, but clearly her heart–or at least a significant part of her heart–was with Bach.  She was also a serious musicologist and researcher with the interest and the languages and the cultural background to do original research, and the luck to be active at a time when you could still collect original manuscripts and instruments–before the the looting of Leipzig, the fire bombing of Bremen and the destruction of Berlin and much of western Europe.

Many reviewers describe her Bach as romantic, at least one as Gothic.  read more »

Elena Gerhardt sings Brahms

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Elena Gerhardt in Leipzig, about 1900

Der Tod, das ist die kühle Nacht

Why does this song of Brahms’, from a poem by Heine, mean so much to me?  Why has it meant so much for so many years?  Even as I write, the song playing in the background grips my heart.

Most nineteenth century German Lied is about love–or unrequited love, or death.  This song may be about all three.  It’s hard at first to tell.  It’s a triumph of suggestion, of atmosphere.  Here’s the German text, followed by an English translation: read more »

Music, spirituality, and the political thriller

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Bach's instrument: the clavichord

Music in The End of the Monsoon

Can music and spirituality have a place in a political thriller?  I think they can, if they’re sub-themes illuminating character.  In The End of the Monsoon, Mrs Ambler, an idealistic lawyer, is also an amateur musician and practicing Buddhist.  Her guilt over her illicit affair strengthens her desire for at least a breath of transcendence.

In 1983 I thought I had such a breath in the wee small hours of the morning, while playing the clavichord in my third world luxury apartment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In my novel I transferred this experience to the character of Dr White, a no-nonsense, middle-aged expatriate English doctor in Phnom Penh.  read more »