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Where is Saudi journalism?

Locked, of course, in the censorship and self-censorship closet.  Hence, Arabia Flambe.  This site is dedicated to showcasing some of the best journalism about and mainly from the Middle East, but I will consider it a success when I start getting quality journalism, in English, from Saudi correspondents.

Who’s a correspondent?

Anyone who sends in a contribution.  Neither names nor e-mails will be published on this site, unless the contributor wishes them published.

I’m interested in news, personal stories, editorials and analysis.  No matter what the point of view, the main criterion for publishing a contribution will be quality journalism, and the one who decides will be me.

What do Saudis, young, middle-aged or old, think about the Arab Revolt?  About the human rights situation in their country?  About their police action in (invasion of) Bahrain?  About the place of women in society?  About the monarchy?

Tell me.  E-mail it in to: John Lathrop

Who am I?

John Lathrop

A former Saudi expat.  I spent almost a decade-and-a-half in the Middle East, mostly in Saudi itself.  My first novel, The Desert Contract, was set there.  I have a continuing interest in that country and its people, and in their political and cultural evolution (or revolution).

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