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Up close and personal in Bahrain

Posted in Bahrain on April 16th, 2011 by admin – Be the first to comment

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Not from Al Jazeera . . . from CNN!

All kudos to Al Jazeera for Middle Eastern news–EXCEPT for serious news from Qatar, Saudi or Bahrain.  Yes, we are now dependent on Amber Lyon and her CNN team for a picture of Bahraini reality.

Veterans of the Middle East may at first cringe a little at the blonde, wide-eyed Amber, sitting all by herself in the big airplane, heading to Manama.  But watch and listen to the whole story.  She’s a professional journalist.  She has guts.  Watch not only the ‘story’, but the back story.  Yes, it’s her first time in this kind of situation, but she got through it and came back with the real story and told it.

Kudos for CNN and for the journalist Amber Lyon.  And shame on Hilary, Obama, and the US government.