The Week’s Best

Nihad Shirawi, a physician imprisoned in Bahrain

State terrorism in Bahrain

We are bombarded by stories of NATO’s intervention in Libya, and American and EU sanctions in Syria, but where are the latest stories, in the western press, on Bahrain?

Al Jazeera finally steps up to the plate.  This week I include two stories: the first, a long video presentation by Al Jazeera staff on the history up to now of Manama’s brutal suppression of the Bahrain Shi’ites–and the Bahrain Sunnis–who want nothing more than legitimate representation and the end of discrimination.  The second, an in-depth, on-the-ground and insightful report by Shirin Sadeghi, an American journalist.  I do not agree with her main theme, that the problems of Bahrain are determined by colonialism, not sectarianism.  But her insights are deep and worthwhile.

Each week I hope to feature reporting which stands out.  It may be from Al Jazeera or BBC staff, or a freelance.  It may be from a contributor to this site.  It may be from YouTube, or somewhere else.

I look for accuracy, human interest, analysis and something special: daring, vividness, insight, or perhaps lyricism.  I would like to feature Arabs reporting on Arabs, and prefer featuring women reporters, but I will strive to not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or sex.

For Al Jazeera’s full story on Bahrain, look here.

For Shirin Sadeghi’s analysis of sectarianism and colonialism in Bahrain, look here.