U.S. State Department Cover Up: Saudi Arabia Playing a Double Game

Rehuven Paz, an Israeli academic and researcher, directed me to Aaron Y. Zelin, a fellow of the Washington Institute.  Zelin’s original research (http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysis/view/foreign-jihadists-in-syria-tracking-recruitment-networks) shows that, although foreign jihadists fighting the regime in Syria come from every Arab country across North Africa, Saudi nationals represent the largest single group.

U.S. media has reported that Saudi Arabian agents have been assisting the CIA in Jordan to direct non-lethal aid to pro-western democratic anti-regime forces.  And the U.S. media has reported that Saudi Arabia successfully pressured the U.S. into having the U.N. rescind the invitation previously accorded Iran to attend the Geneva 2.  Thus, Saudi Arabia, aided and abetted by the U.S. Department of State, plays a double game.

I spent more than ten years in Saudi as an instructor.  Young Saudi males, when they get a job, can earn a living, and get married, think and live like all other Arab males in the Arab world:  they think of their wives and their family and by hook or by crook how to provide for them.  But, the Saudi primary and secondary school systems are little better than Madrases.  The young men that I taught in various civilian, military and private company schools were eager to learn, but one or two per set of them were inclined by their religious education to Jihad.  The students that I taught were all destined for jobs in various kinds of government institutions.  But, if thirty percent of the young males of Saudi Arabia are currently jobless–and that percentage is probably on the low side–even one to two percent (even .1 or .2 percent) of the millions of unemployed young men represent a  considerable pool of potential terrorists.

The question then arises, who is funding the recruitment networks of these penniless young men?  Saudi Arabia is the ultimate police state, vying with the communist countries of the former Eastern block with their secret police, informers, and torture cells.  It is difficult to imagine the lack of official complicity, in a society so infiltrated and controlled from the top down.  Members of the royal family, who control the levers of power, certainly are complicit in this recruitment.

The United States government meanwhile sails along pretending, and for all I know believing, in the official line that the Saudi Arabian government is our great ally in the war against terror.  Saudi Arabia and Israel are frequently mentioned in the same breath as our great allies in the Middle East.  If Saudi Arabia, which discriminates against its own small Shia population, and has invaded the neighbouring state of Bahrain (with our acquiescence), to violently put down peaceful Shia protests, and exports Sunni suicide bombers to Iraq and Sunni jihadists to Syria and Israel, which is still building settlements on occupied Palestinian land, and whose Prime Minister gives public lectures to Obama (who gives little cringes but is otherwise a doormat), if these two countries are our great friends in the Middle East … what is our definition of ally?



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